I really don't know what inspired me to make Squared. A long long time ago I played a version of it on AOL, which was pretty sad. When trying to think of an opengl program to write, I chose to make my own, better, version.. and this is end result.

Unfortunately, it's pretty crappy. Here's the basic formula I used to code this game:

1. Think of a part of the game to code.
2. Write up a quick hack to see if it will work.
3. Keep hacking the hack and making it hackier until it works.
4. When it works, perform (4a) and (4b) simultaneously.
4a. Proceed to (1) with a new part of game in mind.
4b. Forget about cleaning just-completed portion of code.

The end result is a big pile of code that does what I want it to but is really a pain in the ass to sort through and modify. This means that when I decided I didn't like how the game looked it was too late to change it into something cooler, let alone try to add things to it.

Whatever. It's done, and it's playable.

To serve, enter your name and press the Begin Server button. The game will wait for someone to connect. To connect, enter your name and the IP of the server and press the Connect button. You can talk by typing into the field on the bottom and pressing enter. You can rotate the board by dragging the right mouse button.

Players take turns putting down one peg at a time. When four of your pegs form the vertices of a square, you get (length of side + one)^2 points. For example, a square with vertices on the border of board is worth 64 points, while the smallest square you can make is worth 4 points.

For now, the first player to reach 150 points wins. To start a new game, press the Connect button. The board will reset and the other player will start the next round.

IMPORTANT: DON'T BLAME ME IF IT DOESN'T WORK, RUNS CRAPPILY, OR OTHERWISE SCREWS UP YOUR COMPUTER. It works perfectly on mine, so if it runs poorly, it's because your computer sucks.

The executable (v1.0): Squared.exe (28K)

If your computer sucks and can't run just the executable, try unzipping this into the same directory: OpenGL DLLs (347K)

Here's the source if you're interested. Good luck making sense of it: sqrdsrc.zip (9K)


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