random art

a few days ago i stumbled across this webpage. it's a page on random art, making images with randomly generated algorithms. anyways, i thought it was a really cool idea. the guy who made it (andrej bauer) seems like a pretty hoopy frood.

despite it's neatness, i was frustrated that (1) there was no way to generate my own random images and that (2) andrej didn't release his source code (at least i couldn't find it.) so throwing caution to the wind i decided to write my own random art generator.

i find that although the images i can generate are neat, they're not of the complexity that andrej's program can create. this is probably because i spent all of four/five hours working on it, and didn't do much in the way of streamlining the "randomness". therefore it really is random.. which means that a lot of times the algorithm just makes boring stuff. if you want to modify an algorithm, just save it to a file, open it, edit it, and reload it back into the program to view your changes.

sometimes it makes really long long long algorithms that just display a black screen.

the source is here for you look at and modify. i tried to make the token class as "abstract" as possible and realized halfway through that i implemeneted it in a totally ridiculous way. well, i encourage anyone out there to take the program and make it better! if you do, put up a page and send me the link (so i can link to you from here).

source (you'll need allegro to compile): randsrc.zip
executable: randart.zip


oh the randomness