gogl has quite a history. when i first started programming in opengl, i attempted to make a 3d go game. this first version of gogl was pretty good. it had a nice board and some cool effects, but i never got around to coding the actual game mechanics.

then in my cs184 class our final project was to make a "3d thing" of our choice. i thought this would the perfect opportunity to work on gogl again and make it a finished product. it's all coded by me except for the sound code (sound.cpp, etc.) which was coded by my partner Albert.

this is the end result. it's not networkable, but if anyone wants to take the source and put in network code, be my guest (and tell me about it, i'll give you props here).

gameplay is fairly intuitive. if you don't already know how to play go, search google for some online instructions. the game ends when both players pass in a row.

modify the display (fullscreen, resolution, etc.) inside the gogl.cfg file.

Source: goglsrc.zip
Executable: gogl.zip
OpenGL dlls (if yours don't work): ogldlls.zip


go boi!