you know those water fountains you see at malls? the little ones that plug into an outlet and have water flowing down nice stones? during the summer before my third year at berkeley, my friend sid and i decided to make some.

that's right, make them.

we went to a home improvement store and each picked up a cheap little water pump. we then went to what must have been ten different flower nurseries in order to find "fountainish" pots. last but not least, the slate shop. we each got a foot-square tile of slate (which would later be bashed repeatedly by hammers.)

somehow we got the idea to use caulk to glue our stones together (i think it was my idea.. i figured caulk would be waterproof.) using caulk as glue lends itself to some interesting dialog:

"pass the caulk."
"oops, i need some caulk."
"aww man, there's caulk all over my hands."
"that's some good caulkwork there."
"damnit, my caulk is still soft!"
"can i see your caulk?"

fun as caulk may be, it's the crappiest adhesive i've ever used. much to our dismay, the fountains kept twisting around and falling apart.

after much pain and suffering we decided to use ordinary glue guns. they worked terrifically and our fountains were finished in an hour or two.

total cost
pot: $10
pump: $20
slate: $5
misc: $10 (rocks, sign, glue)

some pictures of my finished fountain:

as you can see it turned out pretty crappily.

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