there comes a time in every game programmer's career when (s)he takes the step from text graphics to pixels. in tenth grade i wrote destiny, my first pixel-based-graphics game. needless to say, it blew. i had only a vague idea of how the vga card worked and ended up brute-forcing most of the code. the end result is playable but very lame. just remember that i made this a long time ago.

i attempted to expand the destiny franchise with destiny 2. i wrote much smoother code, and the play control was more responsive. it never really got off the ground though and i was left with a fly-your-plane-through-empty-space game.

to play, just run destiny.exe and make sure all the .dta files are in the same directory. the .pas files are the pascal source. oh ya, on the screen with all the weird white squares press '1' to start and '5' to quit. i never got around to fixing that.

source code and exectuable: (98k)


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